Vintage Bunny and her Precious Babies

Vintage and her four BABy boys!

We are so happy for Vintage Bunny.  Her precious babies were born in Sanctuary where they will only know love for the rest of their lives! Vintage bunny was rescued off of the street where she had most likely been abandoned. Had she not been found right before the temperature dramatically dropped to single digit numbers, surely her and her babies would have died. Not equipped to keep bunnies we were going to adopt her out to a wonderful bunny loving family. But with the arrival of these four precious souls we cannot break up the family.  All will live here at Tamerlaine Farm for the rest of their lives.  We will be building a new bunny habitat at our new sanctuary and any amount you can give will go a long way to providing them with a new bunny home that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.  You can give the gift that will keep these babies warm for years to come! 

You can now also donate directly with your PayPal account!

The four little babies when they were just born!

The four little babies when they were just born!

Skooter is an adorable chubby little fluff butt.  He like pets and cuddles but mostly he likes his treats.

Tique is the spitting image of his mother Vintage.  This little black and white baby loves running and jumping with his brothers.

Swanson is our shyest rabbit.  Often hiding behind his brothers.  He does get his courage up when there are good treats around.

Bunnicula is our most outgoing bunny.  He loves attention and likes to explore.