The Cows Come Home


Two amazing animal rights advocates, Maria and her daughter Julia, met these three cows when they were babies.   They passed by them every day on their way to town near their home and would stop and pet them through the fence.    As the baby cows grew larger, Maria and Julia’s bond and love for them grew stronger and they knew they would have to find a way to bring the boys to sanctuary.  Having read that we just purchased a new 336 acre farm they reached out and asked if these beautiful boys could possibly be our first residents.  We had barely signed the deed on the farm and had no idea when our new farm would open but we knew we couldn't let these boys go to slaughter and agreed to take them in if Maria and Julia could convince the farmer to release them.

These two women used their intense love and power of persuasion to free Ferdinand, Little Fred and Diego, who will now live together forever, free from harm.

From left to right, Little Fred, Ferdinand and Diego were destined for slaughter...a byproduct of the dairy industry, male cows are either killed as babies for the veal industry or grown to adult slaughter weight and sold by the pound to the meat industry.  These three boys were rescued and will now live for the rest of their lives in sanctuary.  Please help us to give them the best life ever!